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New organization to improve nuclear facility safety

Nov. 20, 2012

JANSI representative Matsuura addressing at the inauguration meeting of the new organization

TOKYO --In light of the Fukushima accident, a new organization was launched November 15 to collectively discuss measures to improve the safety of nuclear facilities. The Japan Nuclear Safety Institute (JANSI) was established as a new organization that substitutes for the Japan Nuclear Technology Institute, which has been conducting peer reviews of nuclear facilities among other activities. At its first board meeting on the same day, JANSI selected Shojiro Matsuura, former chair of the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan, as the representative of the organization.

Learning from the Fukushima accident, electric utilities are making full efforts to implement safety measures on nuclear power stations. To prevent the utilities' voluntary efforts from falling into self-satisfaction, there must be a system to provide constant assessment from an independent point of view. JANSI is intended for this kind of role.

At a press conference, Matsuura spoke of his aspirations by saying, "As an independent professional, I would like to contribute to heightening, broadening and strengthening all aspects of nuclear safety."

JANSI will gather and analyze information from Japan and abroad collectively, whereas such efforts used to be made by individual utilities separately, and will present proposals and recommendations to utilities to improve the level of nuclear safety. To establish a scheme unaffected by the intention of utilities, proposals and recommendations will be left to the discretion of JANSI.


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