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Local officials demanded full implementation of compensation from TEPCO

Nov. 26, 2012

Fukushima governor Sato presenting the request to TEPCO president Hirose (at left)

TOKYO --The Fukushima prefectural forum on nuclear compensation, a local consultative council consisting of municipalities and industry groups in Fukushima Prefecture, put forward a formal request to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) on November 19 for the full implementation of compensation for the nuclear disaster. The council called on TEPCO to guarantee sufficient compensation periods for all damage caused by the nuclear accident and also demanded compensation payment for voluntary evacuees and decontamination work.

Fukushima governor Yuhei Sato, who serves as the chair of the council, as well as several officials from municipalities and industry groups in Fukushima Prefecture including the city mayors' association, town and village assemblies, chambers of commerce and agricultural associations visited TEPCO's head office and urged the company president Naomi Hirose to ensure that compensation would be implemented in a sincere and prompt manner from the standpoint of the accident victims. The officials also called on TEPCO to provide adequate compensation commensurate with the actual conditions of damage, including compensation for the cost of implementing measures to counter harmful rumors, and make necessary arrangement for victims whose right to compensation may possibly be barred by prescription in the future.

Referring to the compensation processed by TEPCO, Hirose said, "I am not at all of the view that it has been going smoothly." He promised the officials that the company would make positive efforts in the future compensation process.


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